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Our Services

Personalized, safe, empowering care for the entire family.

Prenatal Care

Hour-long prenatal visits allow for physical and emotional evaluation and care, as well as time for your family and your midwife to build an individualized relationship. Twin Cities Midwifery guides you through pregnancy, providing regular visits, offering all routine lab work and ultrasounds, and giving education and support. Through an informed consent and shared-decision making process, each client chooses what their personalized care includes (and doesn’t include). You will have direct access to a midwife for any urgent needs, 24/7.


Schedule of prenatal visits:

  • Free hour-long consultation
  • 90-minute initial visit
  • Hour-long monthly visits through 28 weeks
  • Hour-long visits every two weeks through 36 weeks
  • Hour-long home visit around 36 weeks with your full birth team
  • Hour-long weekly visits until birth

Home Birth

Our personalized homebirth experience empowers families with low-risk pregnancies to have safe and natural births in the comfort of their homes. During your birthing time, you will have the freedom to listen to your body, change positions as desired, eat and drink as you please, and be surrounded by those closest to you. We encourage you to share what you envision for your birth during your prenatal visits, allowing us to individualize your care at every step of the way. Partners are welcome to be involved at whatever level they desire, including catching the baby. A few hours after you’ve given birth, established breastfeeding, had a nourishing meal, and are ready to sleep, your midwife will tuck you in for a restful nap in your own comfortable bed. We pride our practice on our exceptional safety standards; each birth team includes at least two members from our practice, both trained and certified in neonatal resuscitation, prepared with medical equipment and medications appropriate for out-of-hospital birth.


Water Birth

The freedom of movement and relaxation that water provides makes water immersion a common request by our clients. Over half of the babies born in our practice arrive in water, so we have a high level of comfort around water birth, and fewer restrictions than some birth settings. Twin Cities Midwifery’s care for every family includes the optional use of a birth tub, complete with all necessary equipment and supplies.


Newborn Care

From the moment of birth, you and your baby are not separated, and any newborn evaluations, exams, or procedures you choose can be done with baby in your arms or right next to you. We routinely wait until after breastfeeding has been established to do any newborn procedures. Twin Cities Midwifery will offer and discuss all standard newborn procedures during your prenatal care so you have ample time to consider which to choose for your baby.


Standard newborn procedures:

  • Head-to-toe newborn exam
  • Vitamin K (injectable or oral)
  • Erythromycin eye ointment
  • Newborn metabolic screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Critical congenital heart disease screening

Postpartum Care

The first weeks of your baby’s life require a great deal of transition for your entire family. While we help you to prepare for this adjustment during prenatal visits, we continue to have routine communication to handle any questions or concerns that arise. At each of your postpartum visits, your midwife will not only check on you and provide breastfeeding support, but will also check your baby’s vitals, weight, and well-being.


Schedule of postpartum visits:

  • Phone visit around 12 hours
  • Hour-long home visits around 24 and 72 hours
  • Phone visit around 1 week
  • Hour-long office visits around 2 and 6 weeks
  • Continued 24/7 midwife access for urgent needs

Community Resources

From childbirth educators to chiropractors, and pediatricians to playgroups, Twin Cities Midwifery is committed to helping your family connect with resources to create a supportive network, even after your last postpartum visit. To create a community among our families, we host several Twin Cities Midwifery events throughout the year, such as special classes, workshops, and neighborhood gatherings. We offer these in gratitude for the amazing families who make up Twin Cities Midwifery, and they are an opportunity to meet our other families and watch those babies grow!


Insurance Billing

Twin Cities Midwifery provides insurance billing services to make billing and insurance reimbursement smooth and easy. Many insurance plans cover a portion, if not all, of the costs of having a home birth. When you schedule your free consultation, we will gather your insurance information and call your insurance company to learn more about your plan’s benefits. By asking very specific questions about your plan, we can get a better estimate of what costs you can expect your insurance company to cover. Twin Cities Midwifery works with families to make affordable payment plans that are unique to each family’s financial situation. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) generally can be used to pay for midwifery services.

Our Fee

The total cost of comprehensive Twin Cities Midwifery care is $4600 and includes the following services provided by a Certified Professional Midwife/Licensed Midwife:
Prenatal care
Intrapartum and delivery care
Postpartum care
Newborn care

This fee also includes 24/7 access to a midwife, a second midwife or trained birth assistant present at your birth, a complete birth tub rental package, insurance billing services, and Minnesota care tax. Additional costs may include labs and ultrasounds (billed directly to your insurance), birthing kit supplies, and Rhogam injections (if indicated, for clients with Rh- blood type). Twin Cities Midwifery works with families to make affordable payment plans that are unique to each family’s financial situation.


Ready To Learn More?

We offer a free hour-long consultation to address any questions or concerns you may have. Most importantly, it allows you to be certain that we are the right fit for you and your family.